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GeoControl1 - the fast, easy and innovative terrain generator
It was one of the main goals to develope a really fast terrain generator. If you had to wait over one hour to see the result of an erosion, the creativity gets blocked. Speed is needed to let the work flow!

It might give the feeling of being an advanced artist, if someone knows many different encrypted named algorithm like FB, Perlin, Multi Fractal, Voroni of different terrain generators..

But that is not making a good artist or game developer, and at least no good landscapes. So in GeoControl there are no encrypted names for algorithm to learn, but the algorithm are named according to the results. You can concentrate on creating terrains and not learning, what the effect of more or less "grain" and "threshold" is. And this applies not only for the algorithm, but also for the controls. That makes GeoControl to may be the easyest to use terrain generator.

And to make it even more easy, GeoControl ships with over 200 presets!


The main problem for a terrain generator is to get really natural structures. In nature the structures are fractal (self similiar but always different) but not linear fractal. So, if you get closer to a mountain the typ of structures changes. From far away a mountain might look clear shadped, but coming nearer, rock fields get visible and the before smooth looking rock faces may get rough and clustered..

With the new and completly self developed Dynamic Level Generation GeoControl offers as first terrain generator control over every detail level during creation. So you can produce different fractal structures at different detail levels.


What others say about GeoControl

Paula Sanders,
senior stuff writer at Renderosity

" I first want to state how great the documentation is for GeoControl."
"His documentation is precise, explicit, and complete."

"I was very impressed that with this new program,..."

"Do I like the product? Absolutely! Do I recommend it? Absolutely! What is also important, is that it is a lot of fun to use."

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Jimco Software Reviews
"Why GeoControl?
All 3D landscape tools include the ability to create and edit terrains, so why do you need GeoControl? Quite simply, none of the 3D landscape tools that I've used (and I've used almost all of them) can come close to the realism in GeoControl terrains. The reason for GeoControl's stunning realism is in the way it was designed. "

GeoControl is an incredibly powerful and flexible landscape creation tool. If you're one of the many 3D artists who have struggled over the years to create realistic terrains for your 3D landscape software, GeoControl is the answer. I highly recommend it to anyone interested in rendering natural 3D scenes. Not only is the software excellent, but support for it is excellent as well. The developer, Johannes Rosenberg (known in the 3D community as cajome), is incredibly helpful and responsive. He also releases frequent updates to GeoControl that make considerable improvements to an already great product. He's clearly passionate about this product, and all of us are beneficiaries of that passion."

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The Middle Earth DEM project

"This opens up the possibilty for infinte procedural detail."

"The terrain that this process produces though is quite spectacular! "

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