At time only for PC.
Required: Monitor min 1024*768, Internet Explorer

All internal calculations are done in 32bit precision, for finest results.
Multitasking with unlimited instances.
Terrain size up to 4096.
Special seamless terrain for "multiple terrains able" applications, with no visible repetition up to 9 terrains.
GeoControl is fast, may be the fastest.

For great terrains (4096), you will need up to 460MB free ram, if you use all features), for all smaller terrains 115 MB is enough.

GeoControl is delivered (only full version) with a huge bunch (over 80) of Artists presets:
All the images you see in the galleries of Darthmagus, AndyWelder, Digitalis, Patrick210 and LutzB are based on the delivered presets.

Over 200 filterpresets (single filter values)

Basic Noise High-end noise, based on weighted L-system subdivision (No diamond square or perlin). The noise is nearly artifact free. Four noise types, with fine differences, for optimal results.
The noise delivers an extrem richness of details.
With the Dynamic Level Brush this is the perfect tool for all landscape painters, even without using any filter. For terrains you will no more use another painting tool.
Layer Unlimited number of layers.
All layers are independent sizeable and moveable. Each layer has its own combining method.
7 combining methods:
replace, average, average if heigher, average if lower, add, subtract, multiply and displace
plus hide and solo.
Fast rebuild: Rebuilding starts at the layer, which has changed.
Storing of complex layers as project, all datas are stored - very fast but great files -, or as settings, very small file, but all layers must be generated on opening.
Easy preset managing.

29 Filter:

9 for general forming, like zero edge or slope smoothing.

8 innovative and ultra fast "terrainshape" filters. The whole range from ridged mountains over hills up to terraced forms can be easily generated by using this ultra fast shape filters. You need no knowledge about different noise types like fbm, fractal, hybrid or others.

1 Noie adder, with visible and unvisible noise (unvisible for manipulations on the fluvial erosions)

11 Erosion Filters (see Erosion System)

Over 200! filterpresets ensure an easy start and fast learning.

Up to 48 filters can be combined to a filtersetting, and this setting can be stored as preset.

GeoControl is powered with a most realistic erosion system.
5 different erosion filters ensure extrem flexibility for convincing erosion.
All types work non destructive as well as destructive.
Complex combinations, with before done erosions as selections, open a new bandwitch for very complex and non-homogen landscapes.
6 experimentell erosion filter, with more and less realism, for solutions beside the general ways.
Ready to use flowmaps for best surfacing or shading.
Even a flowterrain, for special effects, can be generated.
Brush The Dynamic Level Brush is very different from the usual known brushes. It is a special terrain tool, which does not only rise or lower a before generated terrain, but which generates a terrain in the terrain.
You can simply form the landscape with it, sculpe mountains or valleys, add some rocks, where they are needed. But that is not all.
You can use all filters with the brush, and so smooth an area of the terrain, erode it, change the terrainshape filter, to place hills between mountains or terrrace a part.
In opposite to postwork brushes, the terrain is not overformed with the brush, but new formed, with all details and structures. And no matter, how often you use it at the same area, the terrain keeps the typical look of a landscape, the fractal touch.

Layer sets and terrains can be exported as

r32 (the Worldmachine standard format)
16 bit raw (for applications like Carrara or Photoshop)
ter (the wellknown Terragen format, also the Dreamscape Plugin for 3DSmax use it))
PGM (the mostly unknown Bryce import format for high resolution terrains in 16bit quality)
TGA (the mostly unknown import format for Vue, for 16 bit high resolution terrains)
bmp (8bit greyscale, a standard format)

obj (real geometry for Maya, 3DSmax, Cinema and other 3D software without terrain primitive)
normal map (for geometrie export in conjunction with the obj format). This enables the use of low geometrie with maximum of details.

Import r32, 16 bit raw, ter, pgm, tga and images in bmp, jpeg, png, tga or tif format.
Exchange All settings, layers, terrains and filters can easy be shared with others. The files are very small.

Worklfow optimized GUI. No pop up windows, no hidden shortcuts. All is organized in 3 panels, where every control is directly accessable.

Overlay-image: Use a map or drawing as template for your work with the brush.

Preview 2D preview with adjustable relief power. A very informative and fast preview (realtime zoom up to single visible pixels) and different colour schemes.
3D preview with software raytracer and real shadows, no openGL!. Even in an 4096 terrain you see every detail.
Help Context sensitive help and some general chapters. So, no need to read the whole help, just ask, where you are. All controls are described.
The help will be in the beginning in English and German, other languages will follow. The GUI is in english german, and swedish..